Andreas Briegel on learning about speed & flexibility from China

10 years ago, China introduced fast trains.

Today, they have 29,000 kilometers of fast train tracks. If there’s one country that knows a thing about speed, it’s China!

Which is why I’m excited to have sat down with Andreas Briegel, General Manager of Argo-Hytos Fluid Power Systems (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd., in the heart of Shanghai to talk about how in the speed of our time, flexibility, logic, and heart are the key to success.

Tune in now to discover:

  • The secret to surviving in such a fast-developing market as China
  • How a fear of failure kills creativity
  • Why good quality alone is no longer enough to stand out
  • What we can learn from China about infrastructure and organization
  • How democracy is not just a right, but also an obligation
  • Why being flexible and having an open mind are the recipe for success
  • How getting exposed to different cultures teaches you to understand instead of judge

About Andreas Briegel

Andreas Briegel, General Manager of Argo-Hytos Fluid Power Systems (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. since 2014, is responsible for providing hydraulic system solutions focusing on agricultural and construction machinery manufacturers. After an apprenticeship in banking and a Diploma in International Business in Germany, he has been responsible for building up factories and sales entities in China, India, Russia, Brazil and Turkey for Argo-Hytos. 

Starting as a Project Manager 12 years ago at Argo-Hytos Germany, Andreas was responsible for development, lean and strategy projects before transferring to Argo-Hytos Management + Consulting in Switzerland where he was responsible for Business Development BRIC.

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