Iris Schierhuber on HR’s role in building bridges

HR has a key role in influencing the mindset shared by an organization.

Iris Schierhuber, Director Talent Acquisition & People Development at ‎Semperit, takes that responsibility seriously and is a key example of how HR can build bridges across diverse team members.

In this episode of BrainyHeart, I’m talking with Iris all about heart-driven talent management.

Tune in now to discover:

  • Why not to be afraid of taking a wrong road
  • Why managers should shift the focus from failures to strengths
  • Europe’s need to create more flexible organizations
  • How to cultivate a growth mindset across an organization
  • How to build up a personality others will follow
  • Why we struggle with positive feedback
  • The importance of finding role models
  • How to know if you’re following your heart

About Iris Schierhuber

When it comes to showing ambition, target orientation, as well as passion for what you do, Iris cannot be forgotten on the list.

She did her tourism studies in Vienna, then she hit the road with another direction: Human Resources, what she can do best. After having gained loads of experiences in different world-renowned companies that specialize in people development, she took on a new responsibility at Semperit AG Holding, leading the talent acquisition and people development department and being in charge of thousands of employees in seven continents.

Her passion is creating change from within, helping talents to widen their horizon so that they can be a true resource for their company. As a millennial herself, she brings the necessary mindset to get connected to the generations beyond hers.

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