Neuroplasticity: Your brain is a muscle

Do you know what neuroplasticity is?

It’s the scientific fact that your brain capacity is not fixed, but is “plastic”, meaning it can increase and decrease throughout your life.

As you can imagine, leveraging neuroplasticity is a huge factor for having a growth mindset!

That’s why I’m sharing all you need to know about neuroplasticity in this episode of BrainyHeart.

Tune in now to discover:

  • What neuroplasticity is and how to treat your brain like a muscle
  • Why we’re craving connection now more than ever
  • Why our normal programming is negative
  • What happens when you move from survival to luxury problems
  • How we need to shift our mindset about change
  • The curious case of the Moken


Tune in to the next episode on August 22nd to discover how anxiety starts in the brain and how to manage it.

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