Michael Wörle on taking a long-term perspective for career success

We’re often focused on the here and now in our careers, rarely looking ahead a few years let alone whole decades!

But it is exactly this long-term view that Michael Wörle has from advising companies on how to prepare for the future that gives him the necessary perspective to evaluate what you should be focusing on throughout your career. Listen in on this BrainyHeart interview to find out what that is!

Tune in now to discover:

  • Why we should not focus on generational differences or other types of categories
  • How the key piece we need to know is whether someone is reactive or proactive
  • How success is a result of setting goals and putting the processes in place to achieve them
  • Why we need to plan our career exit far in advance and prepare in case of unforeseen emergencies
  • How mentorship is the key thing young talent should seek out
  • Why we shouldn’t overvalue education over experience and skills
  • How to create a contract for your future with your current employer

About Michael Wörle

Economist Michael Wörle has been advising companies as managing director of MWUnternehmensentwicklung GmbH since 1986. In many small and medium-sized companies today, an external business developer replaces expensive staff and specialists. Michael makes sure that companies are prepared for the markets of the future, considering both the players in the market and the companies’ own market positions.

Michael’s advantage coming from the outside is that he is not operationally blind and can view the progress of development with a distanced view. This is a good prerequisite for the right strategic measures and thus the growth and success of a company.

Michael is also the managing director of VUN – Verband für Unternehmensnachfolge e.V., an association that protects companies and entrepreneurs from the unplanned consequences of an unsecured succession plan.

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