How different generations think & work

Especially in these times of change, we need to reconsider how different generations tick and work together.

From Traditionalists and Baby boomers to Generation X and Millennials, we’re all in one boat and need to find the best way to move forward as one. That’s why in this BrainyHeart episode, I’m sharing my insights on the different generations so you can better understand and collaborate with your colleagues.

Tune in now to discover:

  • Traditionalists’ focus on process optimization and redefining KPIs
  • How Baby boomers made the most of the rational part of the human brain
  • Why taking the emotion out of business is not realistic
  • How work-life balance is a myth
  • Our lack of the ability to think longer-term in business in the western world
  • Why older generations were taught to prioritize safety and stability
  • How crisis has helped us reconnect to each other
  • How Generation Y and Z moved to valuing a higher standard of living and space but struggle with confidence and entitlement
  • Why our brain needs other brains to develop

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Want to discover if you’re more left- or right-brained and how to leverage your strengths? Then sign up to our newsletter for your free copy of the “Boost your Brain” workbook!

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