Torsten Hinrichs on Having a Growth Mindset

Torsten Hinrichs, COO/CEO at Scope Corporation/Scope Ratings, is a perfect example of someone who has embraced a growth mindset.

In this episode of BrainyHeart, I’m sitting down with Torsten to chat about everything from his advice to the next generation to our last financial crisis.

Tune in now to discover:

  • If there are generational differences when it comes to focus
  • The importance of having a short-term plan but staying flexible
  • Why you need to build a reputation to make an impact
  • How you have to reexamine your willingness to pay the cost of success
  • Greed versus common sense in the last financial crisis
  • The lack of collaboration globally and our focus on us individually

About Torsten Hinrichs

Working at the forefront of global finance and management for decades, Torsten Hinrichs is somewhat of a veteran with his unmatched work experience and expertise.

With more than 15 years’ experience as Managing Director for Standard & Poor’s Credit Market Services, as well as an additional 15 years at WestLB beforehand, his leadership and straightforward working style have inspired so many other generations after his.

His exclusive involvement during the financial crisis, his hands-on engagement within his companies, and his in-depth knowledge of the financial market and banking hierarchies give him a unique outlook, which all future generations should take to heart and learn from.

I’ll be back in front of the camera on the next episode, coming out August 8th, sharing all about neuroplasticity.

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