Julia Grandl on using neuroscience in HR

When evaluating applicants, HR representatives of course want the best candidate for the job.

But Julia Grandl, Chief Human Resources Officer at Magnetbau Schramme, has found that the process has been overcomplicated over time. In this episode of BrainyHeart, she shares how using neuroscience lets you simplify the process and get back to what matters – people.

Tune in now to discover:

  • What matters when evaluating applicants
  • Why knowing whether colleagues are more left- or right-brained is key for success
  • HR’s role at its core being knowing the people they are working with
  • Fostering a family feeling within an organization
  • The freedom and challenges digitalization and globalization has given millennials
  • Overcoming the fear of failure
  • Trusting your gut

About Julia Grandl

Julia graduated from school in 2010 and after finishing her apprenticeship in 2013, she started working for Magnetbau Schramme. Julia likes to travel and meet new people and cultures, so it wasn’t a surprise she was announced Chief Human Resources Officer in March 2019 – at only 28 years old. Her passion and skills lie in her authenticity and ability to connect with people. 

Julia still lives in the lake area in the Constance region, where she was born in 1990. Her biggest role models are her parents, who taught her to believe in herself and her dreams, and her little brother, who taught her to be brave and fearless.

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