Ricardo Richter on the next generation of top talent

To kick season 2 of BrainyHeart off, we’re getting a fresh perspective on the show - literally!

Ricardo Richter has just graduated from High School in Germany and is embarking on the next chapter of his career and life. Meet the next generation of top talent and discover how they tick in this episode.

Tune in now to discover:

  • The exciting transition into the career of life after leaving school
  • Planning and time management when you have a big challenge to tackle
  • The difference between Millenials and Generation X
  • The pros and cons of having freedom of choice
  • The benefits of the structure work can give
  • The role of smartphones in our lives
  • Exploring different jobs to foster creativity
  • The power of our mind and body
  • The impact of doing neuroscience upskilling

About Ricardo Richter

Ricardo’s father was a big role model for him in terms of entrepreneurship, self-confidence, and success. He helped Ricardo to declare his goals more precisely, so he changed to an economy school to do his german “Abitur” there in economics and accounting. Having freshly graduated in June 2019, he now is motivated to live up to what he has learned about entrepreneurship and success from his father.

In just 5 months, he has completed two apprenticeships, gotten a truck driving license, and started working in an accounting office. He’s currently studying economy engineering for environment and sustainability at the Beuth Hochschule and HWR in Berlin.

His motivation is to turn his physical and psychological limitations as a human into strengths and simply live the best possible life he can. In his free time, he loves doing martial arts, where he also has his own training course, and likes to play the guitar.

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