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Emotions have a huge impact on our motivation. One (typical) psychological finding is that: “…emotions play a central role in the motivation of goal-directed behavior … While it is contested whether the perception of physical reaction patterns is a necessary or sufficient condition for the existence of an emotion, it is generally accepted that physiological stimulation is important to the specific quality of experience, and it is this that distinguishes the emotion from “cold” cognition.”


Eveline Goodman’s expert background in psychology and human resources means that she is well equipped to reignite motivation in you and your staff. Eveline’s approaches the issue from a different angle and with fresh eyes. This enables her to leverage your emotions and those of your staff to recapture any motivation that might have slipped and put it back to work.


One –on-one motivation stands out from other training offers through its interactive, lively, and completely practice-oriented approach to executive motivation & training. Eveline Goodman’s personally developed approach is fully customizable to ensure that it meets each customer’s specific sector needs. The integrated training of Eveline Goodman can assist with subjects such as:


  • Professional appearance
  • Acting at the European level and in the international arena
  • Rhetoric
  • Indirect speech
  • Successful delegating
  • Presentations
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Employee Discussions
  • Interview training for executives




    • The first 100 days as leader
    • Inspiring employees with a new sales or leadership strategy


We always deliver a personalized service – and that makes the difference!


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