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Keynote speakers take on an important role: they present the theme of an event, set the stylistic tone for speakers to follow, and charmingly and/or incisively introduce audiences to topics. In her keynotes and lectures, Eveline Goodman takes the audience on an exciting and entertaining journey through the minefields of human thought – with charm, natural humour and, if necessary, a kick in the pants.


She raises fundamental questions and gives no-nonsense, comprehensive answers. A few examples: How do we REALLY envisage our brains working? What happens to us when we can’t or don’t want to understand our most important muscle? And what happens when the left brain hemisphere (“numbers, data, facts!”) tries to take the reins again? You can count on Eveline Goodman to induce the crucial “aha effect” – that moment when a hitherto complex subject becomes properly understood – in an entertaining and genuinely captivating way.




When Eveline Goodman came to Germany bringing her broad scholarly background with her,  the bureaucracy of the Federal Republic challenged her tenacity and resilience –  recognising none of her academic titles. She had to start virtually from scratch, prove her competence and experience through laborious and time-consuming work, and earn her recognition once more. These challenges only fuelled Eveline’s ambition further – she made it her mission to overcome obstacles and barriers once and for all – with a smile.


The founding of EforP Germany, which built linguistic bridges across cultures for 14 years as a DIN ISO 9001 certified language service provider, was the entrepreneurial realisation of this inner mission. EforP Germany benefited significantly from Eveline Goodman’s neuroscientific and psychological studies, which paved the way for her becoming a recognised trainer and speaker. During this time, she also developed highly effectual workshops such as “Fake Communication – and you are out!”, and ran them extremely successfully throughout Germany from 2004 to 2010. She was able to overcome her initial stage fright by proactively going public – and in doing so, strengthened her theoretical knowledge through practical application.


Between 2010 and 2012, her academic titles were recognised at last – an important milestone that demonstrates that all possible – and impossible – bureaucratic obstacles can be conquered sooner or later through uncompromising consistency, confident perseverance, and iron will. Since then, Eveline Goodman has used this experience as a stimulus and a jumping off point to talk about the importance of persistence and the associated neuroscientific components.


Her comprehensive work during these challenging years has benefited other trainers too – and now Eveline can once again fully devote herself to her proper vocation – the future-focused combination of neuroscience and psychology.


With her own office now in Shanghai (, Eveline can not only conduct precise analyses of management candidates’ potential at C-level in Europe (, but also has the opportunity to gain vital and in-depth insights into potential game changers in the expanding Asian market – helping her stay ahead of the curve. In addition, she proficiently wields neuroscience and psychology to give each candidate, client, and participant greater appreciation of their unique patterns of thought and behaviour, and an awareness of the processes and interrelationships that lie beneath.

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