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  • Friday March 15th, 2019
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NEWSLETTER – MÄRZ 2019 Liebe/r Eveline Goodman, auch in diesem Frühjahr stehen wieder einige interessante Events und Workshops an. SAVE THE DATES! 1- Elternworkshops an der Moser Schule und der Swiss International.

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  • Wednesday September 12th, 2018
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Effective human resources management continues to be a big challenge for German companies in China. Changing business environments along with new expectations towards jobs and work places, provide a new.

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“New World, New Work” – How to Attract Talents?

Effective human resources management continues to be a big challenge for German companies in China. Changing business environments along with new expectations towards jobs and work places, provide a new challenge for HR departments in companies all over China: How to attract young talents [Millennials].

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“New World, New Work” – How to Attract Talents?


Cultivating a conscious business is about cultivating awareness on every level within the organization from the individual to the teams to the upper management and the company’s vision and mission. It is about creating and nurturing a culture of quality consciousness.

Increasingly, companies are setting greater value on issues of quality,and reckoning with their ability to develop a Unique Selling Point within a more discerning and dynamic marketplace. At the same time, businesses are competing to hire the best talent from a burgeoning pool of motivated, young candidates.

Time : 2018-09-05 | 16:00 – 17:45
Venue : European Chamber Shanghai Office, Unit 2204
Address : Unit 2204, Shui On Plaza, 333 Huai Hai Zhong Road, Shanghai 200021

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Art & Neuroscience: How does your brain react to art?

Dear Eveline,
Ever wondered what is happening to your brain when you observe art? How and why art sparks your minds, strike certain feelings or emotions and what can it reveal about human nature and the nature of human’s brain?

Art+ Shanghai Gallery is excited to invite you to an extraordinary multidisciplinary event
Art & Neuroscience held by a psychologist and neuroscientist Dr. Eveline Goodman at Art+ Shanghai Gallery on Thursday, June 14th 2018 from 18:00 – 21:00.

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The European Chamber is delighted to welcome Dr Eveline Goodman-Hedtke, PhD. Psychology & PhD in Neuroscience and Elise Zhu, Brain Coach to share with participants their views on Neuroplasticity. How can one rewire the brain? How can companies and individuals use the plasticity of ones brain to tell a story in a way that has not been told before? Can Neuroscience serve as a tool for personal and professional development?

Neuroscience is new to talent management not because it was not previously relevant. It is only now that this science is being interpreted for organisational contexts rather than purely clinical ones. With the brain at the centre of everything we do, it offers a new way to understand how people approach work and respond to everyday workplace situations. The team meeting where no-one contributes, the buzz of winning a big sale, the colleague you always avoid and that customer you can’t seem to please, are all familiar experiences that can be explained by brain science, and therefore managed more effectively.

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Female Vibes! Why should we feel lucky to be female?

The Chamber’s Women in Business Focus Group invites Eveline Goodman, PhD. Psychologist & PhD. Neuroscience, also a TEDx speaker, to bring members an informative and humorous workshop which offers inspiration and know how.

During her presentation, Eveline will share the following:

Aspects of being female

Lilith & Eve comparison

Alpha and Beta Female (what is your personality type and its pros & cons)

Four psychometric types: Processors, Pushers, Pleasers & Players

Proactive vs. Reactive and Task-Oriented vs. People-Oriented

How female brain is different and complex in comparison to the male brain

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Workshop „Boost your IQ and EQ – Steigern Sie Ihre Gehirnkapazität“

18. April 2018

Wir möchten Sie ganz herzlich zu einem exklusiven und interessanten Event mit Eveline Goodman einladen: Boost your IQ and EQ – Steigern Sie Ihre Gehirnkapazität. Der Workshop informiert über die gezielte Entwicklung von IQ- und EQ-Skills und den Einfluss den Sie darauf nehmen können.


Dienstag, der 18. April 2018, 11 Uhr bis 12.30 Uhr


DJV Berlin – Geschäftsstelle, Alte Jakobstraße 79/80, 10179 Berlin

Teilnahmegebühr inkl. Getränke:

DJV-Mitglieder: kostenlos

Nicht-Mitglieder: 49 Euro

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Workshop HR: What do Chinese managers & leaders need to climb the corporate career ladder?

Are there distinct differences between Chinese and European business cultures and leadership styles? What are the commonly observed strengths and weaknesses of leaders in China? Which skill sets could Chinese professionals learn and develop in order to reach the next rung on their career ladder?

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Die Transformation der Arbeitswelt

Katerschmaus & Säälchen am Holzmarkt
Holzmarktstraße 25 / 10243 Berlin

Casual. Da Ihr Wohlgefühl für ein gelungenes Event jedoch die wichtigste Voraussetzung ist, gilt: Alles kann, nichts muss. Kommen Sie so, wie Sie sich wohlfühlen.

Kontakt Regis24

Susann Ehmke

0176 238 949 67

MPW Business-Frühstück 19.07.2017


Berlin als globale Stadt von morgen? Die Berliner Wirtschaft steht in jeden Fall nicht still. Und so ergeben sich auch auf internationalen Ebenen immer mehr Möglichkeiten. Doch welche sind das genau? Wie können länderübergreifende Synergien effektiver genutzt werden? Welche Chancen entstehen für die Berliner Wirtschaft im Ausbau der internationalen Wettbewerbsfähigkeit?

Diese und noch viele weitere Fragen diskutieren wir in entspannter Atmosphäre beim Business- Frühstück zu dem Thema „Berlin goes global – Wie international ist die Berliner Wirtschaft?“ am Mittwoch, dem 19. Juli 2017 von 9 Uhr bis 11 Uhr im Berlin Capital Club.

Für interessante Best Practices und spannende Informationen zum internationalen Marktaufbau in China wird Frau Eveline Goodman, Geschäftsführerin von EforP International Consulting GmbH / Yippei Shanghai Ltd. viele aufschlussreiche Einblicke geben können. Passende Hard Facts und viel Gesprächsstoff zu diesen interessanten Marktbeispielen liefert der von Creditreform Berlin Brandenburg Wolfram KG und der Investitionsbank Berlin herausgebrachte KMU-Report 2017, der als repräsentatives Stimmungsbarometer des Berliner Mittelstands gilt.

Bitte entnehmen Sie weitere Details dem Einladungsschreiben auf der nächsten Seite. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Anmeldung und wünschen Ihnen viel Spaß!


„Chancenstandort Berlin“



die Berliner Wirtschaft hat ein bemerkenswertes Jahr hinter sich. Der Jobmotor läuft ungebremst und an der Spree ist ein wahrer Digital-Hotspot entstanden. Die Immobilienbranche jubelt verhaltener, denn die Herausforderungen sind groß und politische Signale für eine ergebnisorientierte Zusammenarbeit mit der privaten Wohnungswirtschaft noch verzweifelt gesucht.

Am 23. Mai 2017 ab 18:30 Uhr im Berlin Capital Club, Mohrenstraße 30, 10117 Berlin dreht es sich bei unserem Netzwerkabend um den Chancenstandort Berlin. Dafür haben wir zwei spannende Gäste mit Impulsvorträgen eingeladen, die beide Berlin aus einer sehr unterschiedlichen und jeder für sich sehr spannenden Perspektive betrachten und uns an Ihren Eindrücken teilhaben lassen.

Für die Veranstaltung bitten wir um eine Kostenbeteiligung in Höhe von 49,- Euro, die der IVD Berlin-Brandenburg in Rechnung stellt. Für Ihr leibliches Wohl ist gesorgt. Wir bitten um verbindliche formlose Anmeldung per E-Mail an werner@ivd.berlin bis zum 18. Mai 2017.

Authenticity and Individualism – in Leadership

目标与内容 Objectives and Content

We all want to be our best selves, but only those who can harness their unique skills and showcase their authenticity make it to the top. Great leaders know how to turn their individual traits into assets and inspire teams to follow them. But how can we be authentic? Often we are told that being yourself isn ́t the right way to approach important tasks and leadership roles. Rules and regulations can seem to stifle authenticity, but it doesn ́t have to be this way!

How can we motivate people and use psychological triggers to create the conditions for great leadership, effective teamwork and inspiring idea-creation?

In this training course you will learn to master creative approaches to these questions, and discover how to apply them in modern management practices. In addition to individual coaching and instruction, the sessions will include role-play exercises and other activities that will be filmed and then replayed to participants to consolidate learning objectives. 中文

日期 Schedule April 11-12, 2017

价 格 Price Members: 6000 RMB Non-members: 6500 RMB

语言 Language English

Women Success Stories

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
2017年4月19日 星期三
@Char Bar Hotel Indigo, 29 – 31/F

Dear Members and Friends of SwissCham,

SwissCham invites women who have made it to the top and women with the entrepreneurial spark who are looking to get there to come together, share stories, and be inspired.

“Being a smart, successful woman in business is difficult: you have to work hard for acceptance from both men and women around you” – do you agree?

Let’s talk about your experiences and ways to navigate this competitive arena.
By sharing our stories, we can learn from and inspire other women, and build connections with like-minded women in this world.

Our guests’ speakers will share their own success stories. They believe that getting to the top takes a lot of strength, vigor, and discipline, but it also takes a vision. You must be a dreamer ready to take the plunge, as much as a savvy female leader.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Best regards, Click here for details.


Attendees will learn how to develop employees to their highest potential and how to influence new and lasting productive behaviors. As a result, employees will be able to contribute more to your management goals and the success of your company.

Time: 2017-04-20 | 09:00 – 17:30
Venue: UR Work, Lujiazui
Address: 3rd Floor, New Shanghai International Tower, No. 361, South Pudong Road, Shanghai
Members: 2200 RMB | Non Members: 3300 RMB
Online payment is available for members.
Click here for details.


Talent management: Is it “rocket science”?

Join Eveline Goodman as she interviews three leading global and national HR representatives about talent management.

invites you to a get-together on the 21.09.2016 / 18.30 – 21.00

Location: Berlin Capital Club, Mohrenstr. 30, 10117 Berlin

Registration: 030 339 398 40