By regularly commuting between Europe and Asia, Eveline Goodman habitually leaves her comfort zone behind – reinforcing the basic message of her speeches day after day: we have to realise that the two supercomputers in our heads – the left and right brain hemispheres – orient themselves based on our previous knowledge and experience. The further we look – geographically and mentally – past our own noses (beyond the limits set by the prejudices of the left brain hemisphere), the more powerful and impactful our cognitive output becomes.


Eveline Goodman’s motto is accordingly pragmatic: using her scientific background to teach us about the functioning of our brains in a simple and universally comprehensible way, and enabling every brain-haver to use the most important muscle in their body in previously unimaginable ways for peak performance.


Fuelled by this unique motive, Eveline Goodman continues to travel around the world today, sharing her experience and insights with seminars and events on such topics as, What does leadership responsibility really mean?, How to avoid burnout, How do we make decisions?, Have authenticity and individuality become meaningless buzzwords?, and, Why we should finally consider ourselves lucky to be women.


In workshops she analyses participants’ so-called “psychological DNA” and unique neuroscientific fingerprints and astounds them with strikingly precise insights into their conscious and subconscious neuro-ecosystems. Once core competencies and hardwired behaviour patterns are clearly identified, they can be used as stable building blocks for future-oriented strategies for success – and help us avoid pointless detours and damaging encounters along the way.


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