Through spirited workshops, Eveline Goodman draws on her drive and energy to push talented and motivated individuals who want to extend their abilities on to greater heights.

It was the drive to turn her personal passion into a business that lead to the founding of EforP Germany, 14 years ago. As a DIN ISO 9001 certified language service provider, Eveline Goodman and her team have been building linguistic bridges between cultures ever since. Over this time, Eveline Goodman has also developed pointed and highly effective workshops, such as “Fake Communication – and you are out!” which she has lead to great success across Germany between 2004-2014.

This unique drive and motivation today sees her crisscrossing the world. She is an active speaker at international roadshows and seminars, where she shares her experience and perspective on topics as diverse as, “What does executive responsibility really mean?” “How can you minimise burn-out?” and, “Are authenticity and individuality just buzzwords?”

In workshops Eveline Goodman analyses participants’ so-called “psychological DNA” and then amazes them with her surprisingly accurate insights into their conscious and unconscious behaviour. Once Eveline has laid the participant’s key competencies and hard-wired behavioural patterns out on the table, they can be used as sustainable building blocks for future success. The clarity this process brings can also help avoid senseless detours and painful mistakes.



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