Sales Training

Eveline Goodman has more than just a comprehensive academic background – alongside her triple PhD title, she has developed broad and deep practical know-how and experience. After all, she has already single-handedly founded three businesses (EforP GmbH and EforP International Consulting GmbH in Germany, as well as EforP Shanghia Ltd. in China) and successfully led them for over fourteen years. Her experience and training has taught her that nothing can replace active and persistent sales and management. What’s more, her businesses have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and AZAF.
Through a combination of deep theory and hard practice, Eveline has come to the valuable realisation that a one-size-fits-all solution will never fix the unique individual sales challenges faced by a unique business. She has also learnt that without a “think local, act global” approach, any sales strategy is doomed to failure right from the start.
In her Sales Training course, Eveline Goodman focuses her unerring eye on every aspect of sales, addressing each of the following topics in a meticulous and personalised manner:
* Analysis of the relevant market and customer potential

* Breakdown of the individual phases of the sales conversation and typical KO criteria

* Boosting closing rates by communicating the real benefits

* Minimising price factors by concentrating on added value for customers

* Actively managing conversation throughout the sales process – defining red lines

* Growing customer satisfaction and loyalty by looking after your customer base

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