Philosophy & Methodology:

When each thinks of just himself all have been thought of. Eveline Goodman applies this saying in all its wisdom and its consequences, and puts the potential of her customers under the microscope. She also doesn’t mince words. Instead, she gives her customers frank and forthright feedback, convincing them first to scrutinise then to utilise every inch of their potential. Her specially developed personality and management testing is as integral an element of her approach as her relentless openness –because nothing hinders further personal development like reservations and uncertainty.
Eveline Goodman brings absolute clarity. When it comes to client potential, she digs, sifts, polishes and then puts to the test. With her relentless openness, she brings the will and potential of her clients out and into the spotlight. The result: honest and genuine feedback. This gives her charges the ability to act independently, give glass-clear situation analyses, and exploit their own potential to the highest degree.
We always deliver a personalized service – and that makes the difference!