“When everyone thinks of themselves, everyone is thought of” – Eveline Goodman consistently uses the profound wisdom of this sentiment to closely scrutinise her clients’ potential. She doesn’t mince words. She gives clients frank feedback and pushes them to uncover and use their potential to its fullest. Specially-designed personality and management testing are as integral to her approach as is her unsparing forthrightness. In her view, nothing impedes personal development more than insecurity and hesitation.


Eveline Goodman offers productive and complete clarity. Her most effective tools: neuroscience and psychology. By successfully convincing the left hemisphere of your brain that it is worth working with the right, Eveline brings about immediate and lasting improvement (at all levels). With her robust yet charming scientific approach, she gets even skeptical and questioning leftbrainers on board – and, with her specialist knowledge, comfortably stands out from her competitors.


Eveline sifts, mines, polishes, and tests her findings. She reveals the motivations and capabilities of her clients with unmediated openness. The result is honest and unbiased feedback. In this way, clients are empowered to engage in crystal-clear situation analysis, to undertake honest and independent self-appraisal, and to reap the best of their potential. Eveline and her team’s motto: We always deliver made-to-measure – and that makes the difference!


We always deliver a personalized service – and that makes the difference!


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