Eveline Goodman

For more than ten years, Eveline Goodman has prepared individuals to approach challenging tasks with enthusiasm and ability, pushing them to grow beyond their own boundaries. She is trusted not only by international companies and renowned organisations – public figures too rely on her abilities to deliver results.
Eveline Goodman comes from a family of diplomats. She intimately understands the meaning of the words, “between the lines,” drawing on her personal and professional experience of juggling different cultures to see behind the psychological curtains. This background is, however, just the starting point from which she uses her enormous energy to put her ideas and vision into action. She combines her comprehensive academic education (PhDs in Psychology and Neuroscience; graduation in HR) with the practical lessons that arise in her life as an internationally-operating businesswoman to deliver success.
Her specialty – and her passion – is connecting talents and options. Eveline Goodman recognises potential, links it to tasks and positions, and takes pleasure in regularly overstepping the boundaries of conventional personnel and management training. For many years she has lead workshops, presentations, road shows, and coaching sessions for individuals, companies, and organisations from diverse sectors (real estate, medicine, journalism, among others) – both in German and in English. Her charm, wit, and insight make her a memorable, individual, and – if need be – refreshingly undiplomatic consultant.


Eveline Goodman has assisted international firms from the political, economic, and media sectors since 2002.


What They Say


"Overall it was an extremely positive and beneficial experience.“

Nicholas Parrish ( General Manager )


"I was impressed by Eveline Goodman’s coaching, with its many aspects reflecting cultural differences, leadership coaching, and employee management. Very lively and professional."

Dagmar Engel – Chefredakteurin Hauptstadtstudio ( Deutsche Welle )


"Eveline Goodman assisted me with difficult negotiations with important business partners in London. With her help I approached the meetings calmly and excellently prepared, and was accordingly successful. My investment in Eveline Goodman’s assistance with my performance was worthwhile and has had long term and sustainable results".

Thomas Philipp Reiter Press – and Public Relations ( European Parliament ASP 10 G 242 60, rue Wiertz B-1047 Brussels )

  Oswald Schmid, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung / CEO., made the following comments regarding Eveline Goodman’s integrated training:

“To put it simply, my expectations were exceeded!”

Oswald Schmid ( Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung / CEO )


“When you are ready and want to discover new chances and possibilities beyond your current horizons, then you should negotiate a trip with Eveline Goodman. And reach for the stars. With Eveline as co-pilot you will be in the position to head for the most distant of stars: she will let you experience the enormous difference between ‘heaven’ and ‘sky’. Rather than going on and using lots more words, we will stop with the English language and instead focus on Eveline’s USP, her unique selling proposition, which are her soft skills training and her methods for management & leadership. The recommendation: Eve rocks!”

Dr. Wolf Siegert ( IRIS MEDIA )

“I have been allowed to present her new book together with Eveline Goodman on a few occasions. It inspired me very much how authentically Eveline represents her life in her book and in front of an audience. The one hour presentation was entertaining and very amusing both to me and the inspired listeners nearby. I can warmly recommend not only the book, but also Eveline Goodman.”

Mario Schmidt ( Moderator, Infotainer, Sprecher SCHMIDTfabrik - medianetwork Aktivieren durch Moderieren )

Philipp J. Fleischmann, Managing Director DSV Deutscher Sportverlag GmbH, Köln; Co-Managing Director Multimedia, Managing Director of Newspaper at the Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt, Düsseldorf; Editor “Handelsblatt” and “Die Welt” Düsseldorf, formerly International Consultant at Ehon Zehnder, said:


“(Eveline Goodman) has accompanied me since 2007, and, simply, her style is unique, competent, and creative!”


Philipp J. Fleischmann
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